Telling On Ourselves

Telling On Ourselves is a funny and honest discussion-style podcast. The hosts; Lynn, Bre and Vikki; are 3 sober gals who share the mishaps, mayhem, and misadventures of recovery by “Telling On Ourselves.”

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US! (with special guest)!

Posted on July 22nd, 2020

We are so excited for our 1 year anniversary episode! Who can believe it’s already been a year? Thank you to all of our listeners, our “podcast tribe”...we appreciate you so much! We have a very special guest joining us on this episode…… The amazing Mr. TZ a.k.a. Zip! TZ is actually our podcast editor who has grown to be a dear friend of ours over this past year! We are elated to have him on talking about life, his production company and podcasts, and what he thinks of our podcast! TZ has gone above and beyond for us this past year giving us helpful hints and tips, encouraging us, and putting together special content for TOO. It’s our great pleasure for us to have him on the show. Have I mentioned that he is utterly hilarious??? 🤣 You won’t want to miss this episode! 

Want to get more access to TZ? Of course you do!! Check him out here:

His podcast “No Redeeming Qualities” 

”Beer Run” Short Story 

Need a phenomenal editor for your podcast or other sound work you’re creating? 

Love his voice? Hire him to voice over for you! 

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