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Telling On Ourselves is a funny and honest discussion-style podcast. The hosts; Lynn, Bre and Vikki; are 3 sober gals who share the mishaps, mayhem, and misadventures of recovery by “Telling On Ourselves.”

The 90 Day Game w/ John Felitto

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"In life, things are neither Good or Bad necessarily--all of it is valuable guidance" - John Felitto

Today we talk with John Felitto--creator of the 90-Day game and Life Coach. John shares how we can play our way into real and lasting change in our lives.

Learn more about the 90-Day Game!

Phone Number:  845-201-8496


Conscious Leadership Claudia

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We are honored to have Claudia Velandia as a guest this week.  She shares her spiritual journey and the tools she uses to get through change in her life and become her best self.  One of those tools is the PAUSE!  

Claudia Velandia is the author of the bestselling book, Wake Up! How to Get Out of Your Mind, Stop Living on Autopilot and Start Choosing Your Best Life.

Claudia holds an MBA, MA, BEng, and she is a certified professional coach. Through her teachings, mentoring and coaching, she has helped many people to live their best life, empowering them to discover their highest potential and harness the power of conscious thinking, self-awareness, and self-knowledge. She is the founder of Quantum Thinking.

We are thrilled to have Claudia and learn how she practices and teaches self-acceptance!  

The Science of Wellbeing with Mr. Jim!

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Today we have a special guest--Jim Dalbec, who facilitates a "Science of Wellbeing" course at a senior center. So what makes someone more wired to be happy and can we rewire our brains to be happier? If you've listened to some of our other podcasts, you won't be surprised to know that the way we rewire our brains goes back to things we talk about all the time: mindfulness and gratitude! Join us today for a deep dive into The Science of Wellbeing!


Fancy Meeting Maureen here!

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Who's been on clubhouse?  Well, our guest today was found there.  Vikki and Maureen geeked out on how the recovery program helped them become successful at work and in life!  

Maureen Ross Gemme is an incredible woman and has been in recovery for a few (thirtysomething years) 24 hours. Her work allows her to fulfill her mission of working with women in recovery to discover how to apply the life they lead in their program and bring it to work.  

This episode is so much fun and check out Maureen at her website below!


Maureen Ross Gemme, Author at Emerge Leadership Academy › author › info

Special Guest Whitney Rose

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Lynn & Vikki talked to Whitney Rose this week! 

She shares her journey with us and her road to freedom with anxitey!  

W/ Concious Relationship Expert - Katie Hendricks Ph.D., BC-DMT !

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We are so excited to follow last weeks episode about dating with this weeks episode where we interview love and relationship expert, Katie Hendricks Ph.D., BC-DMT. Katie and her husband, Gay, founded and operate the Hendrick's Institute--an International Learning Center that teaches core skills for conscious living and conscious loving. This insightful, soulful interview is one you will NOT want to miss!

The Hendricks Institute:


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Dating…what do we know???

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This week we discuss dating in recovery.  Our ups and downs on this roller coaster ride!

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Sunight of The Spirit Retreats w/ Cindy and Judy!

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This week we have special guests Cindy and Judy from Sunlight Spirit Retreats! Judy and Cindy share how their sobriety journey lead to a spiritual journey and a calling to help others connect spiritually. Sunlight of the Spirit Retreats provides simple spiritual tools you can use everyday to enhance your spirituality and emotional well-being, and enrich your life.  Judy and Cindy have been hosting in person retreats, virtual events and classes, workshops and speakers. 

For more information on Sunlight Spirit Retreats you can visit their website or Facebook page.

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“The Ripple Effect” with Dar G.

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This week, we are honored to have our sister in sobriety and one our our spiritual mentors, Dar, joining us! All three of us met Dar at different points in our life--at divinely inspired times. Her diligent work in her own life and on her own sobriety has created a "Ripple Effect" that has positively impacted many lives and helped us personally along our journeys. So today, we go DEEP, discussing "The Ripple Effect"--how our actions matter, and can touch the lives of others in ways we can't even imagine!

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Author and Positive Psychology Expert Phyllis Ginsberg

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!!AWESOME GUEST ALERT!! You don't want to miss this week's episode! This week, we have the honor of sitting with author and therapist Phyllis Ginsberg to dive into how our brains as humans, and addicts, work! She is an expert in Positive Psychology, Brain Research and EFT Tapping. 

Where do our engrained habits come from? Can we really change? HOW? Phyllis shares with us the power of "congruency" in our thoughts, feelings and actions that lead to powerful and lasting transformation in our lives. She shares decades of experience on overcoming "wagon wheel ruts" or programmed thinking so that we can live happier, healthier lives! 

Phyllis is the author of two books, "Brain Makeover" and "Tired and Hungry No More".

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