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Telling On Ourselves is a funny and honest discussion-style podcast. The hosts; Lynn, Bre and Vikki; are 3 sober gals who share the mishaps, mayhem, and misadventures of recovery by “Telling On Ourselves.”

Willpower and Beyond!

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Why can't you just stop drinking?  Who has heard this question before?  

First Thought Wrong:  Drama getting you down...too much netflix affecting Sweet Bre.

Definition of willpower

the ability to control one's own actions, emotions, or urges
Alcoholics can't stop drinking through willpower alone: they need to alter behavior … that triggers the impulse to drink.— James Atlas


Age old question: willpower, do alcoholics have it or not? This week we talk all about willpower. How did we assert it while drinking? What does willpower look in sobriety? Can we get stronger in our willpower? How?! 

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Gratitude 2.0 -Road trip episode

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First thought wrong was at Dr. Bob’s house….Lynn & Vikki had a tiff.  Backseat driving, meets rocking chairs. 

Visit to PA to hang and record with our favorite Donna.  

Donna shares how she had to learn gratitude at the beginning, that it was building a muscle given to her from great sponsorship. And continues to be a working part of her recovery.


Definition corner:  

Gratitude is a strong feeling of appreciation. 

Appreciation recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.  


  1.  Gratitude helps you see what’s there instead of what isn’t
  2. Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more if you concentrate on what you don’t have you will never ever have enough.  Oprah Winfrey

Cause and effect of when you are grateful happiness come.  You aren’t grateful because you are happy it’s the other way around.  

First coming into recovery things are so skewed - like a funny mirror in a fun house at the carnival.  

Lastly having gratitude is not just for the moment you are in but how you view your past and how it sets the stage for how you review the future. 

The family healing - Hope for families struggling with the disease of addiction

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A compelling episode of healing, forgiveness and hope from the lens of the loved one of the alcoholic/addict.  Our guest and dear friend of the podcast, Cindy shares her story of healing and hope for the family members affected by the disease.   

She explains how she had to make some difficult decisions for her family during the storm of active addiction.  Sharing how she hit her personal wall of desperation and got the help she needed in Alanon.  

A beautiful story that shows how self care, faith, love and forgiveness gave this family a life that is beyond anything they ever dreamed.  

Struggling with addiction?  Love someone that is also struggling?


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Contempt Prior to Investigation….Special Guest Nancy DeLong

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A great friend of the podcast (that we met through the quarantine and online meetings), Nancy DeLong, sits in this week to share her experience, strength & hope with us and how she's been able to sustain 37 years of continuous sobriety.  We hear about days in the carnival, days of recovery and how she maintains her recovery.  

Nancy is an inspiration and a ton of fun!  We are not a glum lot! 

"I am a writer. I’ve been writing all of my life. In fact, I was probably holding a pencil before I was holding my bottle. Some days, it feels like I’ve been writing since before the Earth was made. Just sayin’." - Nancy DeLong


Feel the feels

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This weeks episode the ladies discuss our feelings and how to manage those in recovery.  We continue to mess up, then grow, then kinda mess up, then kinda grow more. The process of recovery and getting through our days and our relationships without drowning our feelings.  

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Trusting Something Greater Than Yourself

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We know, we’s hard not to make ourselves the centers of our own universe! It’s difficult to imagine anyone else but ourselves as the heroes in our own stories. But eventually, something will happen. A situation will occur, and the least painful thing to do in that moment will be to relinquish control and throw ourselves completely into the care of a higher power. Sounds scary! Especially when we’re used to fixing and managing things on our own! This week, we talk about something many people aren’t completely comfortable with—a higher power. We’re excited to share our thoughts on it and we truly welcome yours too! We know that everyone has a different experience and opinion with this topic. And that’s what makes it so cool to explore!! 

Do The Right Thing

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How do you determine what “the next right thing” to do is? Common expression with people in recovery, but can also be extremely subjective! So what measure or logic or spirit do you use to guide you? We know one thing...the next right thing to do right now is to listen to this weeks episode!

Recreation of Me in Sobriety

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Best part of getting sober? You get to experience the closest thing to a “new life” you probably ever thought you’d have!!


Recreation really starts with self-awareness and honesty—who were you before and who do you want to be moving forward? It’s an evolution of sorts!! Check it out!


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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US! (with special guest)!

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We are so excited for our 1 year anniversary episode! Who can believe it’s already been a year? Thank you to all of our listeners, our “podcast tribe”...we appreciate you so much! We have a very special guest joining us on this episode…… The amazing Mr. TZ a.k.a. Zip! TZ is actually our podcast editor who has grown to be a dear friend of ours over this past year! We are elated to have him on talking about life, his production company and podcasts, and what he thinks of our podcast! TZ has gone above and beyond for us this past year giving us helpful hints and tips, encouraging us, and putting together special content for TOO. It’s our great pleasure for us to have him on the show. Have I mentioned that he is utterly hilarious??? 🤣 You won’t want to miss this episode! 

Want to get more access to TZ? Of course you do!! Check him out here:

His podcast “No Redeeming Qualities” 

”Beer Run” Short Story 

Need a phenomenal editor for your podcast or other sound work you’re creating? 

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Part 2: Bedevilments and Promises

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We wrap up our discussion of the bedevilments and promises! This episode talks a lot about fear—and Lynn tells an awesome ghost story! BOO! 

Happy Birthday to US! Yes, all three of us have birthdays this week! 

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